It was developed by scientists of the University of Chile together with Carabineros, who incorporated the software in their platform of criminal analysis. Currently it is in use in 72 communes of the country, including all of the Metropolitan Region.

Scientists from the Center for Analysis and Modeling in Security of the University of Chile (CEAMOS) developed the first software in Chile and Latin America capable of anticipating where and when future offenses might occur. Through mathematical algorithms, fed by historical information of crimes reported to Carabineros with a data of up to 5 years, the software created by the national experts reached an effectiveness of up to 89% in the tests carried out by Carabineros.

Since December 2015 CEAMOS worked with Carabineros conducting tests with the software in 12 communes of the Metropolitan Region and six regions of the country. Currently, Carabineros has incorporated the software into its criminal analysis platform and is fully operational in 72 communes across the country, including all of the Metropolitan Region.


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